Wednesday, March 21, 2007
To commemorate Easter festival, people sing special Easter songs. In fact, CDs on famous songs for Easter sell like real hot cakes during Easter festivity. Not only they have gained momentum among youth, but are paving way for popularity of Easter Hymns too. Easter songs sail smoothly in Easter parties. Children dance to the tunes of Easter songs. In churches, men and women sing Easter hymns.

As a part of Easter tradition, people enjoy the soothing melodious songs on Easter, while having their delicious Easter feast. Easter season also gives a warm welcome to the refreshing springtime.

Thus, songs on the theme of spring can also be heard in the music stores. There are multiple websites that provide the opportunity of free downloading of Easter songs. Here is a list of some famous songs on Easter:

* Easter parade
* Christ the Lord is risen today
* He arose
* Peter Cottontail
* Easter Bunny
* Ten little bunnies
* Little bunny foo foo
* Funny bunny
* Bunny hop

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