Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Eggs play an important part in Easter sports. The Romans celebrated the Easter season by running races on an oval track and giving eggs as prizes. So get ready for some 'eggs-tra' fun this Easter with these cool game ideas that I found !

Cut the top off an egg carton. Using the bottom , number cups 1-12 with a magic marker or crayon. Place the carton on the floor and mark a starting line about 8 feet away. Give each player a different color jellybean. To Play, each player stands behind the line, calls out a number between 1-12 and tried to toss the jellybean into that numbered cup. For each successful toss, one point is given. First player with 21 points WINS!

You take three eggs and hardboil one and leave two raw. Put them in a bowl, have someone pick one out and smash it over their head. If they get the hardboiled one out of three people, they get a prize.

Take 5 to10 eggs and hide them inside for kids to find. The kid who has most eggs at the end WINS.

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Is rain going to ruin your Easter egg hunt? Just hide jelly beans inside the house and have your adults or kids hunt for them. Depending on the age of the participants you can make the hunt easy or hard. Ever try and see a black jelly bean on a black object? Have fun!!

You could have your children make at least five eggs each and hide them around theh ouse.When they are done hiding them, the parents could look for them. I hope this is a great idea.

Have a scavenger hunt. Place clues on the Table for when they wakeup on Easter morning, Remember, kids are slick so don't make the CLUES too easy... after all we all know they know it all.. The one who finds his or hers final clue first can get a Bonus along with his goodies that are at the end of the hunt... like 2 tickets to a show!


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