Saturday, March 10, 2007
Easter isn't just about bunnies, easter eggs and egg hunting. Of course golden eggs as gifts would be nice too. Here's few gift ideas for the women in your life, be it your mom or your girl for Easter.

Now jewelry is something that very few women can actually not like. So I start with this little piece of trinket. You can opt for jewelry from - Footprints In The Sand. They have a good collection.

You can also opt for this charming Teapot and Pitcher Floral Bouquets. They make wonderful gifts.

Another great gift would be Movie Madness Gift Sets. Let the lady in your life enjoy a great movie hour with this cute gift.

Now, can anyone go wrong with chocolates? And when its Easter, how can chocolate and chocolate bunnies be far behind? So, just go and happy up with these yummy Gourmet Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Wow, Giant Easter Cookies. I am drooling!

Look yummy don't they?

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