Monday, March 5, 2007
Easter is specially enjoyable for children, it is a great occasion for them to have fun and have a most enjoyable time feasting on chocolate easter bunnies, eggs and other goodies. But little ones get bored very quickly, and too much of chocolate feasting is also not good. Apart from this, there is also a big question as what to gift the little bunnies themselves for Easter. So here's a few gift ideas that I found on the net, which can make the kids happy and keep them entertained for a long time!

Thanks Easter Bunny Boy - 35 dollars
Thanks Easter Bunny Girl - 35 dollars
Bunny Love Easter basket - 35 dollars

Easter Gift Boxes of Treats - 45 dollars
Easter Cuddle Bunny - 45 dollars

Easter Cookie Basket - 50 dollars
Bunny House Foam Craft Kit - 50 dollars
Easter Special Sticker Set - 50 dollars.

Apart from these regular ones, you can also go for a Personalized Letter from the Easter Bunny that can comprise of ideas for crafts, stickers and lot of other fun activities. Another good idea would be to gift a Easter Surprise Package, consisting of all the things that your child loves about Easter!

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