Thursday, March 8, 2007
Easter is for everyone to celebrate with joy and happiness and lots of goodies. A big part of Easter celebrations also include gifts. So, here's a few gift ideas that I found here for Teen Boys.

Cruisin' Easter Bunny from Lake Champlain Chocolates ($20.00) -
Cruisin' your way just in time for Easter, this hollow bunny drives a car! Milk chocolate with hand decorated dark and white chocolate accents. Comes wrapped in cellophane with ribbon.

Talking Jesus Figure From Things You Never Knew Existed ($24.98) -
Enjoy divine inspiration anytime with this tasteful depiction of Jesus Christ. Touch his back and this talking Jesus figure speaks one of six New Testament phrases.

Easter Movie Madness™ Gift from The Obsession Box Company ($34.99) -
A Blockbuster Gift Card, 3 boxes of candy, 3 Butter Popcorns & 2 Kettle Corns, Plush Bunny Ears, 10" butter yellow bunny, a popcorn bunny, a Large Easter Egg with a plush little animal inside, and Easter Flavored Mike & Ikes!

GoodiePot Bouquet (Cookies and Candy) from CookiePots ($44.95) -
This delicious GoodiePot Bouquet of Chocolate chip cookies, and plenty of candy make this a big hit!

Easter Egg Gift Box from Lake Champlain Chocolates ($17.00) -
Six assorted flavors to astound anyone: coconut cream, hazelnut praline, peanut butter, raspberry cream, java, and caramel. An easter egg for every taste!

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