Monday, March 19, 2007
Easter lily is a symbol associated with motherhood. Symbol of Easter, white Lily signifies purity and hope. There are many legends related to Easter lily flower. It's not just a flower meant to adorn house, but it has a lot of significance too. According to Roman mythology, white Lily is associated with Juno, the queen of gods. It is said that at the time when queen Juno was feeding her baby son Hercules, some milk fell from the sky. The part of it that remained above the earth, paved way for the formation of Milky Way and the rest of it that fell on to the earth, lead to the blooming of beautiful white lilies. While some stories suggest that, white lilies are an outcome of the milk of the mythological queen of heaven, Hera, through which these gorgeous flowers had sprung.

As a part of Easter tradition, to honor the Jesus' resurrection, churches are decorated with beautiful white lilies. At homes, they find a special place for themselves in colorful flower baskets. Also, they serve as wonderful Easter gifts, heading their way to splendid flower bouquets. Since white lily symbolizes purity, it is often associated with mother Mary. This explains the reason why the paintings for Easter picturise saints presenting gorgeous white lilies to mother Mary, while congratulating her for being the mother of Jesus. Thus, Easter lily is a very sacred flower that marks the commemoration of Jesus' return to life.

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