Thursday, March 15, 2007
Take a look here, for some interesting information on the Easter Cross.

Easter cross has a lot of significance for the Christian community. A cross symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, reminding us of the blood that Jesus had shed in lieu of the sins committed by mankind. It is a sacred symbol that signifies faith. An empty Easter symbol cross, on the other hand, is indicative of the resurrection of Lord Jesus that represents the triumph of goodness over evil spirit and life over death. Thus this symbol of Easter, cross is indicative of both crucifixion and resurrection. If on one hand, it signifies sacrifice, and then on the other hand, it is a symbol of new life.

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Different kinds of crosses are famous among various Christian groups. For example among Catholics and Protestants, Latin cross is in usage and Eastern Orthodox churches have adopted the Greek cross.

Crosses of different lengths can be spotted but six to seven feet long looks real impressive. It is used for prayer purpose during the Lent season. But on Good Friday, the cross usually a wooden one, is covered with black, a color for mourning for the death of Jesus. Black cross is meant to remember the sacrifices of Jesus but before the Easter Sunday, the draping in black is removed and the cross is rather decorated with flowers to honor the Jesus' return to life. Thus, Easter cross has a lot of significance for Christians.

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  • At March 15, 2007 at 12:42 PM, Blogger Easter Durni

    Dave!! I must commend you on having an excellent Easter site!!

    And since you popped up on my blog to post about it, I'm gonna ask you a favor:

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    If you would say a few things in your blog discouraging people from impulsively buying live Easter bunnies as gifts, and link to for people who might find themselves with a live bunny on their hands who would like to know how to feed it and keep it from gnawing the legs off their chairs, that would be awesome, and would probably generate a whole lot of goodwill for you among the rabbit-loving web community!

    Thanks! And a very happy Easter to you!

  • At March 22, 2007 at 9:15 AM, Blogger Heart

    Dave, I adore your site! It is lovely to read, and the cards are amazing. Beautiful! I hope it is ok, I'd love to add a link to your blog on my site..Heart's Crochet..(you commented there about my writing) Sarah