Friday, April 6, 2007
Get an average size Easter Basket, and if you have time, try to spray paint it in your love's favorite team colors. A nice touch is to spray paint their favorite player's number on it or find team related stickers and place those all over the basket. You don't have to use a basket either. You can use a toolbox, bucket, fishing box or anything else that goes along with your theme.

What goes inside the basket depends on what they are interested in. Choose a theme and go around that.

A starting point would be get a six pack of beer, travel size bottles of alcohol or their favorite wine. If your beloved does not drink try non-alcoholic versions of the beverages or their favorite soda.

Next choose items relating to your them. Some theme ideas you might try include:

Poker Night
*Deck of cards
*Poker chips
*Pad of paper
*Pencils or pen
*Dominoes or other small sized games

Baseball Lover
*Tickets to favorite team or local team game
*Favorite team t-shirt or hat
*Chocolate wrapped baseballs

You can change the baseball theme to any sport. If you can, try to arrange a date with his friends within the upcoming week for a friendly game. Place a Love Coupon in his basket good for one day of play with his friends.

For the Cook
*A recommended cookbook they don't have. Try an ethnic food book or something a bit different.
*Wooden spoons (you can always use those!)
*Raid their spice rack and replace spices that are low or out.
*Imported chocolates for their basket.
*Gourmet Jelly Beans
*An apron.
*Gift Certificate for one night out of the kitchen to their favorite restaurant.

Remember, guys are generally easy to please. Whip them up a batch of their favorite cookies and/or brownies, tuck in a favorite movie and a guarantee for a special night together and he'll be praising your thoughtfulness. In the end it really is the thought that counts not how much you gave him.

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