Saturday, March 31, 2007
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6. Easter Egg Time Capsule.
Create your own Easter memories. Each year, fill a plastic Easter Egg (you may want to buy the larger novelty ones) with notes and mementos of your relationship for the past year. Or, use your Easter Egg time capsule to record your feelings for your partner on that particular day. Each year, look back on your previous notes and include a new one.

7. Aphrodisiac Easter Basket.
Fill an Easter Basket completely full of various chocolates (since it's an aphrodisiac and all). You may want to include a few sexy love notes with suggestions for the night to come.

8. Sexy Easter Basket.
Most definitely not a basket for kids. Fill an Easter Basket full of sexy gifts such as massage oils, an lotions and sensuous creams for a generous back rub

9. Easter Picnic
This is a common suggestion, but not many couples actually take advantage of it! Pack a picnic lunch with Easter traditional s like ham, plus a bottle of wine. Head out to your local park, snag a shady spot under a tree and prepare yourself for an afternoon of romance.

10. Easter Proposal.
Thinking about popping the question? Why not make it a romantic Easter proposal? Sure, you don't usually think Easter when you think of proposals, but there are many creative and romantic Easter ideas for proposing marriage. Check out our Easter proposal ideas.

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  • At April 2, 2007 at 4:37 AM, Blogger Leticia

    Our Christian understanding of Easter has no place for 'sexy Easter baskets'. We Catholics believe that God intends sex to be holy, and inside the confines of matrimony. This website would offend many of my readers for it's completely secular approach to our most sacred holiday, thus I must reject your link.I'm sorry.
    Keep reading, maybe you will see the truth of Christ, and stop believing the lies in the Da Vinci Code.The truth of His great love which would cause Him to give up His life for us, is the greatest story ever told, far better than that second-rate nove. Peace.