Friday, March 30, 2007
Easter is not necessarily the first holiday that comes to mind when you think romance, but you can make it romantic in your own way. Grab a chocolate bunny, read through these romantic Easter ideas and you'll be on your way to a hoppin' romantic day.

1. Easter Egg Hunt.
Setup the hunt the night before. If you have kids, you may want to do the hunt in your bedroom. Fill the eggs with love notes, chocolates, and a few small romantic gifts. Jewelry is always nice.

2. Egg-stra Special Love Notes.
Wrap paper messages around chocolate eggs with 'egg' quotes such as: "You are egg-stra special to me", "You egg-cite me!", or "You're an egg-stremely great wife/husband."

3. Dye Easter Eggs.
If you like boiled eggs (or even if you don't), dye Easter Eggs together. This is a fun activity that even adults can enjoy! If you get a white crayon, take the time to write romantic love messages on the eggs before you dye them. As you dye them, the messages will magically appear!

4. Easter Lilies
Surprise her with a room filled with potted Easter Lillies. They're gorgeous, in bloom, and easy to care for. Make sure to add a card letting her know that your love is a pure as the white fragrant blooms.

5. Easter Love Coupons.
Fill those plastic Easter Eggs with bunches of love coupons for your partner to redeem during the remainder of April. You can print free love coupons right here at RomnanceStuck.

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