Friday, March 30, 2007
Here are the last 5 concluding Chocolate Bunnies for Easter

6) Standing Bunny with Basket from Martine's Chocolates

Martine's Chocolates are made daily at their confection shop in Bloomingdale's in Manhattan. This brightly painted chocolate bunny stands 8 1/4 inches high and is hand-colored. Their website is not the most user friendly. Look under Easter to find the chocolate rabbits. $46.95

7) Racer Bunny from Christopher Norman Chocolates

Christopher Norman makes wonderful chocolates. This hand-painted rabbit rides in a wicker basket convertible. $25.00

8) Hand Painted Calico Bunny from Moonstruck Chocolate Company

These adorable little guys (2.25 ounces) are made of milk chocolate and hand-painted with dark and white chocolates. At $6.00 per rabbit, these are some of the most affordable gourmet bunnies.

9) Easter Bunnies in a Box from L.A. Burdick Chocolate

Five chocolate bunnies snuggle together in a wooden box with marzipan eggs and chocolate truffles. Tied with a festive ribbon, this makes a wonderful gift. $27.00

10) Easter Bunny from Chocolat Michel Cluizel

Nothing fancy here, just really good chocolate. Michel Cluizel is one of France's premier chocolatiers. His chocolates are available through his store in New York (his only retail shop outside of Paris). Easter Bunnies are available in 60% cocoa dark chocolate or 33% cocoa milk chocolate. Both come with 3 chocolate bonbon Easter eggs. $15.00

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