Saturday, April 7, 2007
Get an average size Easter basket in a color you know she'll love. Even better, get a basket she can reuse to store things in after Easter. You might also want to use a flower pot, a wooden crate or a tote bag.

To start off your Easter basket for her you should try and find out what her interests are. What does she absolutely love? Don't go by what she has, but rather what she always picks up at the store or talks about, but doesn't ever get for herself. Usually a woman will not buy what they really want to have.

A good start is a stuffed animal or an Easter bunny. You really can't go wrong with those. Try and pick a theme for your basket. It is a lot easier to create a basket or gift idea when you've got a theme. Below are a few ideas to help get you started!

Bubble Bliss
*Bottle of their favorite scented bubble bath
*Really fluffy bath towel set
*Scented bath oils
*Inflatable head rest
*The current best selling romance novel
*Her favorite romantic CD or tape
*Bath brush, sponge or loofah
*Coupon for a bath for two or uninterrupted bath time

For the Romantic
*Bouquet of their favorite flowers (Can be real, dried or fake flowers)
*Hardback journal to express their thoughts
*A good book of love poetry or love quotes
*Their favorite perfume
*Comfy Slippers
*Classic romantic book or movie
*Tickets to the current romantic movie in theaters

For the Scrapbooker
*A new, blank scrapbook
*Box or photo album to store extra photos
*A TON of stickers
*Set of crafting scissors
*Glue sticks
*Acid-free markers
*A love letter to start her next scrapbook with
*Gift certificate to her favorite craft store

Also when buying candy or sweets for your beloved try to be considerate of their dietary needs. If they are on a diet try to find low calorie and low fat products. Jelly beans, licorice, colored hard boiled eggs and popcorn are some ideas.

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