Saturday, April 12, 2008
Hi friends! The Jewish festival of Passover is here. Its time for the Seder, the Jewish culinary ritual. Seder is an integral part of Passover and has symbolic significance that dates back to the time of the great Passover itself. The Passover seder plate consists of six items:
  • Chazeret: Bitter herbs. These remind them of the bitter experiences of slavery.
  • Charoset : Made from grated apples, chopped walnuts, red wine and cinnamon. These signify the mortar used by Egyptians for constructions where the Israelites had to undergo suffering.
  • Karpas: Parsley. This is dipped in salt water to pay respect to the tears shed by the Israelites in slavery.
  • Z'roa: Roasted shank-bone. Symbolic of the lamb sacrificed on the night of Passover.
  • Beitzah: Roasted egg. This is the symbol of spring and regeneration.
These make up the Passover seder meal.

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Passover is loaded with symbolisms and historical significance. Bask in the festivities of Passover. Click on these Seder cards to send across these to your friends and family.

Happiness, Togetherness And Smiles... Send your wishes for a warm and joyous Seder to everyone with this bright ecard.

Joyful Passover! This card incorporates all the elements of the seder coupled with a warm Passover wish.

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Joyful Seder... Celebrate with friends and family the joys of Seder.

Happy Passover! Wish everyone you know a joyous Passover with this elegant ecard.

Seder Of Joy... Wish friends and family a joyful Seder!

Tradition Of Pesach... A beautiful ecard to relive the triumphant spirit of those who followed Moses and took part in the Exodus.

Seder Invite... Invite friends or family to join you for a traditional Passover Invitation.


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