Thursday, February 21, 2008
When is Easter? This is one of the commonest questions that people tend to ask before Easter. This is because the Easter Date tends to change every year. According to the way the Easter date is calculated in Western Christianity tradition, Easter date always falls on the Sunday immediately following the Paschal Full Moon.

The Easter 2008 date schedule is as follows:
  • February 6 - Ash Wednesday
  • March 16 - Palm Sunday
  • March 21 - Good Friday
  • March 23 - Easter Sunday (Western)
  • April 27 - Easter Sunday (Orthodox)
Easter 2007 calendar was almost entirely different:
  • February 21 - Ash Wednesday
  • April 1 - Palm Sunday
  • April 6 - Good Friday
  • April 08 - Easter Sunday (Western)
  • April 08 - Easter Sunday (Orthodox)
So with Easter only around a month away, just start off with your plans on Eastern ideas... Early the better, or else there's a good chance that you may have to find yourself gripped in pronged pressure and end up with a total mess. This was exactly what happened to me last year -- Easter 2007. You need to plan for Easter gifts, Easter party invitation, making Easter baskets etc. Get an Easter idea on how to decorate Easter eggs.

Check out this beautiful Easter ecard that you may be looking for to reach out to your pals and beloveds around and on Easter Sunday.

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