Thursday, February 8, 2007
The festival of Easter abounds in many interesting symbols-from the colorful Easter eggs, the hippy-hoppy bunnies, the glowing candles, the white lilies, the Lamb and the Cross to the Easter bonfires, the list is quite a long one indeed ! But interestingly enough, each of these are such integral parts of the Easter celebration that it's practically unjust to do away with any one of it. Each Easter symbol has its own distinct significance, each one has its own story attached to it, and that is what makes Easter even more colorful !

Easter Eggs: Come Easter, and the first thing that's sure to pop up in your mind are the Easter eggs in their vibrant colors. The Easter egg is the most important symbol of Easter and the one which the kids are most excited about.

Easter Bunnies:

"Bunnies are brown
Bunnies are white
Bunnies are always
An Easter delight !"

Yes, the bunnies ARE really a delight on Easter and yet another important symbol of Easter. Now you must be wondering what have bunnies got to do with Easter. Well, the Easter bunnies have their roots in the fertility lores of the pre-Christian era. Being the most prolific and fertile of all animals, the hare and the bunny or rabbit stand for abundance, profusion and new life. It was the Germans who brought the Easter bunny to America, but since it was not until after the Civil war that Easter gradually began to turn into a real celebration, the acceptance of the Easter bunny as a symbol of Easter celebrations comes in only as a recent addition. They symbolize the bountiful Spring season as well as the joyous Easter. So hop, skip and jump with them as Easter comes by…

The Lamb: An indispensable part of Easter, the Lamb, relates to the Crucifixion of Christ. The sacrifice of a lamb during the first Passover commemorated Christ's death nailed to a cross. This explains why Christ is many a times referred to as the 'lamb of God'. The importance of the lamb is so much that in many Christian homes, the Easter feast is incomplete without the preparation of lamb. This custom however started in the European countries. Today, only for this big day, candies and cakes are baked in the shape of a lamb for decorative purposes.

The Cross: A symbol of Christianity, a symbol of suffering and a symbol of God's victory over death and darkness, the Cross certainly is the most religiously significant part of Easter. The crucifix (Jesus nailed to a cross) signifies the sacrifice given by Christ for the sins committed by mankind. An empty cross, on the other hand, signifies the Resurrection of Christ, his immortality. It symbolizes the victory of life over death, of light over darkness.

Easter Candles: Ever heard the phrase 'The Light of The World' ? It's just one of the many ways by which the Christians call upon their God. A common belief is that Jesus is present in the light of the candles. Now that's precisely why the candles on the altar are put out on Good Friday (the day Jesus died at the cross) and are lit up again on the following Sunday, which is the Easter Sunday. You may, perhaps, also notice that some of the churches light up huge bonfires on the eve of Easter, to burn away all that's decayed and worn-out and to welcome Spring. Some also call it Judas' fire as images of Judas Iscariot (the man who betrayed Christ for thirty pieces of silver) are often burnt in them.

Lilies: Easter is incomplete without the pure, white, fully-bloomed lilies that adorn the churches with their mellow sweetness and chaste beauty. The lilies on Easter symbolize purity-a pure new beginning that's to unfold at the Resurrection of Christ. It's believed that angel Gabriel came to Virgin Mary and sprayed white lilies on her. And, Christ was born ! So, pick what you may this Easter, don't forget the lilies and let happiness bloom all around !

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